New and expanded

yoga and meditation schedule     We are excited to announce--

The Center is piloting a donation-based yoga and meditation program.
We are offering all yoga and meditation virtual classes by donation.

All are invited!  Donations accepted!

At this unprecedented time of stress and anxiety we want as many people to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. To kick off 2021 The Center is providing all virtual yoga and meditation classes to everyone interested in learning yoga and meditation. 

A suggested donation is $5 for a single class or $20 for the month.  

Donate now or through in the future. We encourage everyone to donate whatever they can to support your personal wellbeing and the sustainability of The Center.
Please follow the instructions below to register for classes. New classes and registration links will be added every Sunday evening that you can access on

Register for This Week's Donation-Based Virtual Classes:


- Yoga with Greg Hermann, Mondays, 4-5:15 pm
-  Yoga for Mental Health with Greg Hermann, Mondays, 5:30- 7:00pm
-  Yoga for Mental Health with Greg Hermann, Tuesdays, 10:30 am-12 noon                           

-   Beginning Yoga with Greg Hermann, Tuesdays, 7 - 8 pm
-  Yoga with Tricia Fridley, Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:45 pm
-  Yoga with Randy Nellessen, Saturdays, 9-10:30 am                   


-  Beginning Meditation Series with Greg Hermann, Tuesdays, 7 - 8 am
          (See more information below for specifics about beginning of this series.)

-  Meditation for Personal Empowerment with Michael, Tuesdays, beginning March 2, 6-6:45pm


Class Signup and Registration
Register for any class by clicking on the zoom link above. After registering you will receive an email and have the option to add the class to your calendar. You must register for each class at least 1 hour in advance.

Vishoka Meditation Series

with Michael Ketterhagen

New Series -- To be announced

We have a Vishoka Meditation series with Michael Ketterhagen. This is a 5-class series which will be held on 5 consecutive days, to be announced.

In this series you will learn Vishoka Meditation, an ancient Yoga Tradition meditation process that leads the meditator to experiencing an “anxious-free and joyfully-filled” life.  “Vishoka” means “freedom from anguish and fear, the experience of total joy.”

These five consecutive one-hour will consist of lecture, teaching methods, and guided practice.  The five sessions will cover the following:
          --the wisdom tradition of Vishoka Meditation
          -- the preparatory practices for cultivating healthy breathing
          --the skill of refining breath awareness and cultivating pranic awareness
          --the experience of the awareness of prana through pranayama practices
          --new pranayama techniques of aharana and samikarana pranayama
          --the experience of the four points of the main body of Vishoka Meditation

Learn to experience freedom from anguish and fear and the total awareness of joy.


Beginning Meditation Class with Greg Hermann

March series starts on Tuesday, March 2
Dates: March 2, 16, 23 (There will be no class on March 9)
Call Greg Hermann at 920-251-2561 with questions


Why should I as a person who has never meditated before learn how to meditate?

Meditation offers an opportunity for self care of the mind and spirit, an opportunity to more fully rest, an opportunity for a change of pace set by our current and past distractions. 


In this three-session Beginning Meditation course with Greg Hermann you will learn the following:

      --the asana postures for establishing stillness in a seated position

      --the five qualities of healthy diaphragmatic breathing

      --three systematic relaxation methods

      --the secret of stilling the "monkey" mind

      --the mantra/sound that establishes a smooth and continuous breath

Have a meditation cushion with you when you join the class.

Call Greg at 920-251-2561 for specifics

about the beginning of the series!

Happy New Year!
May 2021 be your year of incredible peace
and personal growth!





Try a Club Sandwich every morning before you begin your day!

To strengthen your immune system by releasing the stress that lodges itself in the form of chemicals in our head, neck, shoulders and back, practice this Club Sandwich for Body Harmony,

demonstrated by Michael Ketterhagen in this video:

Call Michael at the Center Mon-Sat at 920-921-9404 for service and leave a message. 

He will return your message within 24 hours.

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FCSH 20th Anniversary!

The Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing is celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year! The Celebration has been postponed until Fall 2021.

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