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Virtual morning meditation

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How we begin the day can have a tremendous impact on how the rest of it goes.  The Center is honored to support the start of your day.  15 min every weekday Monday – Friday from 6:30 – 6:45am join the Center community for a short and powerful practice led by a facilitator dedicated to helping you bring more peace, calm and balance into your day. 

Join any day, any time, from anywhere - home, work, or while on vacation, on a bus, train, plane or in the passenger seat of a car and stay as long as you want. There is no charge for this class and the only thing you need is to be seated. 

Donations in time, talent or treasure are happily accepted to help the Center continue to fulfil their mission of sharing the good news with the community. 

You have the power to think positively about yourself, the community and the future. You have the power to create habits that are supportive to your growth. You have the power to manifest wellness and prosperity on all levels into your life.

Manifest peace.  Manifest purpose.  Manifest joy.  Manifest light.  Manifest love.

We look forward to practicing, learning and sharing with you.

The Center


Use the following link to attend:

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