Events at The Center

Friday, November 19 - 7 to 8:30 pm

Every third Friday of the month        In-Person at The Center

Traditional Native American communication is organized in a Circle.  A circle has no head.  When sitting in a circle, we move with the energy of Mother Earth around Father Sun, in a clock wise motion.  In a Talking Circle, we remove the physical barriers between us, so there are no tables.  This was the way of the Ancients.

All are welcome.  We only ask that those present carry an open heart and an attitude of respect.  Our primary purpose is to recognize and share our sacred connection, our sacred relationship with each other and all Creation.

Sunday, January 16 - 1 to 3 pm

Join Marsh Haven Nature Center Director, Renee Wahlen, to discover how you can use nature as your inspiration and guide to writing. Journaling can be therapeutic and fun. A nature journal is a place to grow your thoughts, feelings, ideas, activities, observations, and relationship with the natural world. And, it is an opportunity to use the changes of the four seasons and the connection to the four directions to interpret your own personal changes and growth. This hands-on program will help you get started on your journaling adventure. In this workshop we will explore the history of storytelling with a focus on the written word. Different forms of journals will be looked at, along with the many different journaling methods and their benefits. We will explore the connection between seasons and directions and our own connection to the natural world. There will be time to wander the trails at Marsh Haven and begin the journaling process. Each session ends with an informal discussion around the fire, and community time for those who can stay a little longer.

Saturday, October 16 - 9am to 12 pm

Increase Your Confidence and Emotional Wellbeing Through the Wisdom of the Breath: An Emotional Intelligence and Breath Training Workshop with Zach Ketterhagen Join us to explore Emotional Intelligence (EI) through the wisdom of the breath to increase your clarity and improve your energy. Your emotional and mental wellbeing are your most important assets to sustain your service and impact that you want to make in the world. We’ll learn how to invest in the power and wisdom of your breath to gain a personal edge that will give you the courage to "speak truth to bullshit", the confidence to know what is truly yours to do and the wisdom to enhance your emotional and mental wellbeing. Join us as we explore the interconnected nature of the breath and our emotional life to align with our highest self and in the process reduce stress and create more meaning and fulfillment.

Saturday, October 16 - 1 to 2 pm

How to Sustain Your Purpose Without Getting Burned Out, Feeling Overwhelmed, or Losing Your edge…A Free Purpose Over Productivity Training With Zach Ketterhagen Have you spent years learning and implementing productivity systems and practices only to leave you feeling burned out and overwhelmed? Or maybe you picked up some of the hundreds of productivity hacks and are pursuing your own personalized productivity hack? Join Zach Ketterhagen, Self-Leadership Coach, as he explores sustaining your purpose amidst today's unprecedented pace of change. I've spent years studying and implementing productivity systems until I realized I wasn't addressing the elephant in the room. What do they say in productivity circles? Swallow the frog, first? Well, lets swallow an elephant, because without purpose, the latest and greatest productivity system leaves a lot to be desired.