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Native American Talking Circle

Every third Friday of the month - 6:00pm - 7:30pm

June 21, 2024


Traditional Native American communication is organized in a Circle.  A circle has no head.  When sitting in a circle, we move with the energy of Mother Earth around Father Sun, in a clock wise motion.  In a Talking Circle, we remove the physical barriers between us, so there are no tables.  This was the way of the Ancients.


While we call this a Talking Circle, only one person speaks.  That person holds a sacred item as a sign of their sacred voice.  They may choose to speak or simply hold that sacred item in our presence.  When finished the sacred item is passed to the next person.  The others in the circle learn to listen until each holds the sacred item.


Topics are as varied as the individual speakers.  A teaching may set the focus on a topic for sharing.  Each individual is called to share from their Spirit whether or not it is related to a teaching.  This is the energy of the sacred item as it guides us to our individual truth.


All are welcome.  We only ask that those present carry an open heart and an attitude of respect.  Our primary purpose is to recognize and share our sacred connection, our sacred relationship with each other and all Creation.


Bi’indigen (Welcome)

Miigwetch (Thank you)

For more information, please call:

Greg at (920) 251-2561 or

Ann at (920) 251-3816

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