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BEMER Therapy

“If you want to know the mysteries of the universe,

think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”

-Nicola Tesla

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Michael Ketterhagen's Testimonial:

"Energy is the basis of yoga and the foundation of our chakra system and vitality. It runs our bodies, our minds, all physical machines like cars, the entire planet, and the universe.


The Bemer is a German-made, ultra-low electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) machine, on which I relax and allow these EMFs to open up the small capillaries of my circulatory system. This brings oxygen and life-giving nutrients to these smallest parts of my body and carry away the waste products from those cells. This has been bringing me health and strength since my blood cancer diagnosis. My energy and enthusiasm have stayed quite high, even after a regular routine of chemotherapy."

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