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Holistic Addiction &
Recovery Integration Circle

6:30pm - 7:45pm

$10 suggested donation

Held Monthly 6/13, 7/11

Join us for a Holistic Addiction and Recovery Circle, where we harness the power of community, heart-centered communication, recovery best practices, yoga philosophy, ancient wisdom strategies, emotional well-being practices, and more. Our aim is to ignite your unique healing journey and empower you to accelerate your path to your True Self.


Yoga and a holistic approach emphasize two distinct aspects of your healing and empowerment journey:

  1. The Addictive Mind: This is your unique personality that is disconnected from our true nature and serves as the source of suffering.

  2. Your True Self: We all possess the capacity to reconnect with our whole and authentic selves, transcending the limitations of suffering.


From the perspective of the addictive mind, there are countless ways you can express your suffering by externalizing your power. In the myriad of ways humans express suffering, there are also infinite ways to heal and embrace the path to your True Self.


Society often compartmentalizes addiction, creating barriers to healing, empowerment and personal development. Yoga and a holistic approach, on the other hand, take a different path by uncovering the underlying drivers of your personality and addictive behavior to accelerate your unique path to your True Self.


We extend a warm welcome to everyone, including those who may not identify within the addiction and recovery spectrum. If you're interested in dismantling the patterns of your addictive mind and expediting your path to your True Self, this integration circle is open to you.


Whether you, or someone you love, grapple with substance use issues, anxiety, depression, loneliness, eating imbalances, sex , relationship dependency, control, technology attachments, and more, our monthly integration circle is a place for you to discover your unique expressions of the addictive mind, rediscovery your True and Authentic Self, and connect deeply with like-minded seekers.


Drop-ins are welcome. You do not need to attend every month to get the benefit. Each month will be a valuable and separate circle with a unique theme to explore your unique healing path.

Zach Ketterhagen is a certified transformation & integration coach that helps impact leaders, spiritual seekers and heart-centered humans unlock their unique healing and empowerment journey, and forge their unique path to their highest and TRUE SELF. Zach is an addiction and recovery specialist that helps his clients forget their unique path of healing and empowerment. He coaches clients all over the US and currently live in Madison, WI with his wife and two sons.


Learn more about Zach's Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching

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