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Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching

Make a Commitment to Forge Your Unique Path of Healing, Recovery, and Empowerment to Pursue the Path to Your True Self


If you are looking to move beyond the traditional “disease model” of addiction and embrace a spiritual and wholistic approach to recovery that incorporates ancient wisdom, whole-person healing, and transformational recovery best practices, then you’ve come to the right place.  Addiction isn't a disease, but rather a security and protection mechanism of your addictive mind that is no longer supporting your human experience and highest self.


Who Is Going to Get the Most From Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching?


  • People suffering with addiction and/or on the path of recovery from alcohol, gambling, sex and other drugs.

  • People who want to pursue a wholistic model of transformation verses a 'disease model' approach.

  • Families struggling with addiction.

  • Spiritual seekers (of any religion or spirituality) with addiction in their past or present. 

  • Yoga and spiritual practitioners that are struggling with addiction and/or have struggled with addiction in the past.


“Addiction has been compartmentalized in our society, but the truth is addiction happens when we give our power away to external solutions.”

- Deanne Adamson


Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching isn’t reserved for just those suffering with substance abuse. The truth is we are all struggling with addictive tendencies and searching for solutions outside ourselves. In the process of searching for solutions outside ourselves we feel stuck and caught in the snare of strong emotional habits that create our personality and ‘leadership style’.


Addictive tendencies and giving our power away to external sources can come in so many different shapes and sizes including: social media running our life, consuming too much ‘screen time’, giving all our power over to religion, becoming careless and expecting a ‘magic bullet’, emotional eating, self-critical punishment, guilt and shame loop, and so many countless other variations of the addictive mind. 


Yoga and tantra outline the addictive mind within 5 separate afflictions (kleshas) including: (1) ignorance, (2) small/wrong sense of self-identity, (3) attachment, (4) aversion and (5) fear (of death). Many times your personality is built on these 5 invisible forces of the addictive mind preventing you from pursuing your purpose and authentic leadership with full vigor.


There are infinite ways you can express your addictive mind, and thus there are infinite ways to heal. This is why a Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coach can be so crucial to help you forge your unique path beyond addiction and embrace your TRUE SELF.



Zach Ketterhagen is an Authentic Leadership Embodiment Coach and Psycho-Spiritual Transformation Coach. He works with yogi’s, light workers, entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, and creatives to help them unlock their clarity and authentic leadership path so they can bring all of themselves to their unique purpose, mission and human experience. 


For the past 15+ years Zach has been blessed to have studied and practiced with world renowned leaders of yoga, meditation, tantra, addiction and recovery, total wellbeing, business, purpose & drive, systems integration and more. It is in coaching and teaching leaders, creatives and heart-centered humans that Zach is practicing his highest dharma, impact and calling.


Zach is a tantra and yoga practitioner within the Sri Vidya Himalayan Tradition. His passion is to support his client’s human experience and spiritual development no matter their faith, religion, or spiritual beliefs. 


Zach brings an immense amount of energy, presence, and passion to his coaching sessions to generate immense inspiration, purpose, and creative insight to enliven his client’s unique journey to accelerate their truest and highest SELF. 


His wide array of coaching offerings focus on supporting both the healing and empowering aspects of our human experience, including: transformational addiction and recovery, psychedelic integration, spiritual direction, purpose development, clarity and leadership development, meditation, breathwork, somatic experiencing, yoga, and more. Learn more at


Transformational Addiction and Recovery Options


1. Free 30-minute Video Consultation:

Schedule a 30-minute video consult to see if Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching is the right fit for you (schedule your 30-minute video consultation here)

2. 12-Session Bundle - $1,200 ($300 Savings):​

Includes 12 weekly 60-minute Sessions. Take advantage of the long-term benefits of addiction and recovery coaching to forge your unique path to move beyond addiction and pursue your unique path to your True Self. Each session is a 60-minute virtual video call. Bundle includes access to ask Coach questions after hours to support your path to recovery. 

3. 60-minute Session - $125:

Sessions are a virtual video call. Best for clients who have already gone through the initial 12-week session bundle and/or someone who wants to experience a complete session before purchasing a longer-term bundle (above). 

Have any questions? Please email or schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if Transformational Addiction and Recovery Coaching is the right fit for you. 

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