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Vishoka Meditation® Course



September 21st-November 9th
6:30 to 8:30 pm
In-person or online options available

Imagine a life free from pain and sorrow—infused with joy and tranquility.


The ancient yogis called this state vishoka, and insisted that we all can reach it. The key is a precise set of meditative techniques designed to unite mind and breath, and turn them inward.


Join Michael Ketterhagen in person for his upcoming Vishoka Meditation® Course (Level 1) and dive deep into the profound teachings and practices of Vishoka Meditation: The Journey Towards Inner Illumination!


At the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing, 74 S Main Street, Suite 301, Fond du Lac, WI 54935


Master the practice of Vishoka Meditation in this in-depth, experiential training.

Learn key foundational practices, explore the spiritual origins of Vishoka Meditation, and receive direct guidance from an officially Certified Vishoka Meditation Teacher.

Investment in your joy and happiness: $295 (which includes 15 hours of in-depth, experiential training, detailed handouts for future reference, a 10% discount on the course book, Vishoka Meditation: The Key to Inner Radiance, by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, access to the Himalayan Institute’s Vishoka Meditation® Digital Companion., Zoom recordings for missed sessions, and Certificate of Completion from the Himalayan Institute)


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In-Person Option:

Online Option:


The curriculum includes the following:

     Session one:

         The Scope of Vishoka Meditation and

         Cultivating Healthy Breathing

     Session Two:

         Cultivating Pranic Sensitivity through Asana and

         Finding your Seat

     Session Three:

         Purifying the Energy and eliminating the Pause through 

         Nadi Shodhana and So Hum Pranayama

     Session Four:

         Discovering our inner space through Relaxation and

         Exploring the Yogic Lifestyle

      Session Five:
         Aharana Pranayama—Bringing the Mind Home

     Session Six:
         Samikarana Pranayama—Cultivating Inner Balance

     Session Seven:
         Four Points of Experience—The Core Practice

     Session Eight:
         The Complete Vishoka Meditation Practice

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