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Spirituality--the path on which we all travel

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

“Spirituality is the path that one travels

either to the Spirit or

with the Spirit.”

--Rudolph Ballentine

Please allow me to present a bit of logical talk here:

If the Divine Source of Life/God/Spirit is totally beyond our understanding; that is,

a transcendent being;

And if the Divine Source of Life/God/Spirit is totally immersed in its creation; that

is, immanently present to all creation;

Then, we are all one a path either to that Spirit (the transcendent reality) or with

that Spirit (the immanent reality) when we recognized that Source of Life. We

recognize either the Creator of all life or our parents, the “creator” of our current

physical life.

When we honor and praise that Source of our life, we reach the awareness of our

life journey. Then, when we continue that honor and praise, we continue on that

journey. At that point, we can consider ourselves as having a spirituality.

I have noticed that most people who say they have a spirituality are talking about

belonging to a religious tradition, in particular, Christianity. I have also noticed

that many younger people identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.”

They experience the life-giving force of life in ways that don’t seem acceptable to

the religions of their parents.

The Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing is interested in helping

people connect with the Spirit of Life in many different ways. The Center is

offering many unique opportunities that are paths to the Source of Life within and

the Source of Life without…it just depends on how you see that Source of Life. Is

the creative force beyond you or is it within you? Is your path an inward or an

outward journey?

This Fall, besides offering many wonderful classes in yoga, which is rooted in the Himalayan Tradition and meditation, which are journeys with the Spirit, The

Center will be offering many spirituality opportunities on Friday evenings, which are considered journeys to the


We also have a special class that will explore holistically the reality of Christ

Consciousness by reading the book, The Universal Christ, and then sharing in group, in pairs and through reflection and contemplation our learning. This is truly an exciting

experience for me because it helps me connect more deeply the Christian

understanding of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ, and the Yogic

understanding of the core of our beings, called Atman.

I hope you are able to participate in any of these wonder spiritual opportunities.

Because each of these experiences leads to a sense of wholeness, each of these

paths is a healing path, because the meaning of healing is “to make whole”

(Rudolph Ballentine).

I bow to that Divinity within you.

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