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The Presence of the Divine

by Michael Ketterhagen

“You have been asking for the divine light to be with you and

I tell you now, I am alive within you.

Your wish to serve the world,

to be blessed by my light so that you can assist others,

is granted.”

-Alana Fairchild, Mother Mary Oracle

Imagine hearing this statement, after years of study and effort to understand and experience the presence of the Divine within yourself. This passage was overwhelming to me when I encountered it just recently in a book of oracles about Mother Mary. It was a book that defined Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, as also the Mother of Christ.

Christ, in this understanding, is the divine initial creation of God-consciousness in the physical world, according to the mystical understanding of reality. This is the consciousness that was one with the human being who walked on the planet some 2000 years ago. This is the consciousness that the Christian Tradition calls the Son of God. Mary, in the Catholic Christian belief, is the Mother of this God-consciousness.

The Yoga Tradition calls this consciousness many different names, like Shiva, Shakti, Durga, Kali, but it is the same reality. I have learned to call this Christ-consciousness, this Source of Life, the Divine Mother.

Imagine hearing this call from the Divine Mother, the Source of Life, and really understanding that, just like our own physical mother is alive inside of us—23 of our chromosomes are her chromosomes. So also, all of our chromosomes are made from the substance of the initial creation. We, and all physical life for that matter, are actually made of the substance of creation—the divine sap of life, the divine molecules and pulsations of physical reality.

The Divine Mother, the Mother of the Christ, the Mother of all the gods and goddesses of our human imagination are alive in us. Even though our mental processes separate life force from life form, it is really all one.

The fun part of the whole realization is that humans are now just beginning to learn and experience that oneness. Even the ultra-scientific world of quantum physics is proving that.

We have to just begin to know it not just in an intellectual way, but experientially as well. That’s where spiritual practice comes into the picture. Any practice that acknowledges and quietly contemplates the spiritual, energetic aspect of life will bring us to that solid knowledge.

May you find the practice that works for you. I encourage you to start by just asking for this light while relaxing and paying attention to your breath as a start.

Now that we know that our desire has been granted, happy travels!

I pray to the divinity in you!

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