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Our Most Important Journey in this Life:the Inner Journey The Aramaic-speaking Jesus of Nazareth taught that we must connect our individual breath with the Universal Breath of God—in Aramaic “Ruha,”

In my recent studies of the “Way of the Aramaic Jesus,” whose name in Aramaic

is “Yeshua,” I am learning that the connection we make through our prayer and

meditation (Aramaic has only one word for both of these) is the way, the truth and

the life.

So, how can I during my daily activities remain connected to that Universal

Breath of life, which the Christian Tradition calls the Holy Spirit?

I decided to pause periodically during my day and take a smooth, deep breath to

bring myself inward. I could then find out what was happening with me, inside. I

found it quite helpful, especially when there was a disagreement between my

wife, Mary and I. Instead of responding right away, I now ask myself, “Why were

you offended by what Mary said?” or “What did I do that made Mary all of a

sudden go silent?” My inner voice then told me and I learned more about myself.

My “pausing practice” and moving my awareness to my breath flowing through

my nostrils helps in many ways. Earlier one morning, I was watching a blue jay

arrive at the bird feeder. Immediately, all the other birds left the feeder. Now, it

was all alone feeding itself. I wondered what message the blue jay’s presence

had for me, so I looked it up in our “Animals Speak” book and learned much

about what was ahead for me in the coming morning. Nature was speaking to me

and giving me an opportunity to prepare myself for the day.

Often certain ideas and thoughts come to my mind during the day and

immediately I find myself pausing to find out what my inner spirit (my inner voice,

my conscience) was saying to me.

All of these “pauses” are started with an awareness of my breath flowing through

my nostrils. That awareness, then, pushes me to further understand my

connection with the eternal source of my life (The Universal Breath) and my own

physical life here and now.

I share this new understanding with you so that you might know also that we can

stay in touch with Ultimate Reality, the Source of our Life, constantly. It just

takes some pausing and paying attention to our breath realizing that we are

connected to our God, or Christ within us, or our Divine Mother (whatever namee give to our Ultimate Essence, our Ultimate Reality.

I bow to the divinity within you!

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