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Helping Others on Their Spiritual Journey

by Michael Ketterhagen

If all of us are on a spiritual journey, we as human beings are not having a physical and mental experience, but a spiritual experience. Everything about our lives flows from our spirits. Sometimes, though it is really hard to know that our spirits are in charge, working every minute of the day to live fulfilled and peaceful lives.

It took me a long time to realize that my daily life flows from the Life Force within me, my Spirit. I didn’t realize that it is my spirit, not some accidental consequences of my actions or some unconscious patterns, that drove me to do all that I did.

Especially through the experience of having blood cancer, I learned that it was my spirit, in spite of many of my earlier decisions and desires that brought me back to longing for unity with the Source of my life, that pushed me to truly live. I realized that that longing is deep and always present in my life and in everyone else’s. It was my spirit that brought me through my life crisis. My spirit pushed me to live.

In light of that experience and learning, I wonder how I can support others who forget about the nature of our human journeys. How can I help people realize that their lives are guided by their spirits and they have nothing to worry about, no matter what happens.

Whenever I see my teenage granddaughters having a hard time with each other or with their friends at school, I remind them that they are DIPs, Divine, Infinite, & Perfect, just like me. They smile and let go of the pain and belittled feeling that they experience at that time. This little comment pushes them back to the knowledge that they are spiritual beings and that they are protected and cared for by their Divine Mother. I remind them that joined with the Divine Mother’s power they are strong enough to handle anything.

Sometimes, too, in my work at the Center for Spirituality and Healing, I remind the students and clients that they are spirits—strong, healthy and powerful enough to get through any difficulty. They, then, move away from their feelings of fear or helplessness and are reminded that they are not victims, not inadequate, not handicapped. Their spirits resonate with my words and they then know down deep that this is true.

They are reminded that they can get through this period of suffering by just letting themselves breathe in the Spirit of Life through their noses and breathe out any pain or sadness, even if just for a few minutes. That life-giving breath brings them back to the awareness of their Spirits, their Life Force within.

Through this gentle prompting, their inner spirit remembers the truth: They are spiritual beings. They now know that they can handle anything because they are again aware of the spiritual reality of their life.

We can all help anyone along their spiritual journey by just reminding them how strong and powerful their spirit is. We can become spiritual guides for them. They just need to be reminded of the truth of life – We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are on a spiritual journey.

I pray to the divinity in you!

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