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“ …and the world is about to turn.”

The Canticle of the Turning lyrics

--Rory Cooning

When I turned 35 years old, in 1982, my purpose and mission in life began to

make itself known to me. I knew that building the Kingdom of God of Earth was

the reason for my life. That’s pretty much why we began to figure out how to

develop community with other people interested in furthering the

Queendom/Reign/Presence of God in the world.

We met another interested couple and founded the Grain of Wheat Community,

establishing ourselves in rural Osceola Township in Fond du Lac County. We

established a 60s-style, sustainable farm community on Camp Vista’s farm

property. We decided to live according to the Sermon on the Mount found in

Matthew’s Gospel in the Christian Scriptures.

At that time as well, I was becoming more deeply involved with the Yoga Tradition

and the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, which was located

in Glenview, Illinois. I immediately noticed the commonalities and mutual goals

of each tradition—Christianity and Yoga. I found myself immersed in the

spiritual, mystical practices and philosophies of each tradition.

Included in our journey to the land and self-sufficient living in community was the

desire to be prepared for the changing culture, the “new Jerusalem” in biblical

terms. We believed that the world was, with our help, ready for “the turning” of

the world into a loving place, compassionate and open to God’s joyful blessing

on the Earth.

Needless to say, my thoughts about the coming new world, which would rise

from the dust and destruction of the old, self-centered, greedy world of the

military-industrial complex and its supporting corporations, did not come as I had

expected. We were considered too far out, especially for the rural Fond du Lac

people. We were like “hippies” in the 1980s.

However, today I see that the world is “turning.” The old Shaker song, if nothing

else, is reminding me of the working of the Holy Spirit, the constant dancing of

Shiva, and people are changing. I see signs of the “New Jerusalem,” the

Presence of Christ, the concern for all forms of animal, vegetable and mineral life

happening all around me.

When I tell people at our Saturday Farmers’ Market booth that the Fond du Lac

Center for Spirituality and Healing, now doing the work of the Grain of Wheat

Community, Inc., is a holistic health center whose roots are yoga, they don’t

grimace and walk away, but are interested in finding out what I mean. Another

group of people that I am with every Tuesday evening is studying the Universal

Christ. This is a concept that documents through the Christian scriptures that

“Christ is everything.” Of course, this is very similar to the non-duality belief of

the Sankhya philosophy of Yoga—All is One! And that All is Divine! The Creator of All Life has imbued all reality with divinity! When we talk about this in the group, it is not misguided understanding, as was thought of just a couple decades ago.

Truly, the world is turning. More and more people are waking up to the spiritual

realities of life that are buried in the rigid religious definitions of the past couple

thousand years. Even movements that are considered violent and destructive to

the way things were are forging new directions and new life into our past

methods of living on the earth and with each other.

The world is turning. We are building the “City of God.” “The Lord, the Light, and

our Love [is turning] the night into day.”

I bow to that Divinity within you.

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