• Kelsey Beine

    Kelsey Beine - Yoga Instructor

    Himalayan Institute 200 hr certification

    A graduate of The Center’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program, Kelsey brings a vibrant and calming spirit to the practice of yoga. She believes strongly that every person is full of light and peace at their core, and seeks to guide them to experience this serenity through various postures and breathing techniques.

  • love-1221449__340.jpg

    Tricia Fridley - Yoga instructor

    Himalayan Institute 200 hr certification (2019)

    My Hatha yoga classes are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit.  In this class, postures (asanas) are practiced to regulate, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement.  Breath, the source of our prana or vital life force is emphasized throughout the practice. Each class ends with deep relaxation.  My goal for each of my students is to find a sense of peace through the practice and take that peace out into the world. 

  • Greg.JPG

    Greg Hermann - Yoga & Meditation Instructor

    Himalayan Institute 200 hr certification (2014)

    I share my personal practice in my teaching style: "Comfort and ease".  Sthira and Sucham.  I present at a pace which allows the student time to 'know the pose' and enjoy the benefits and blessings.  The comfort and stability build confidence.  Ease offers blessing and refreshment.  Technical accuracy offers safety and security.  My prayer is that this presentation style motivates students to develop their own practice at home.

  • Michael_Ketterhagen.jpg

    Michael Ketterhagen - Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Director

    Doctorate in Spirituality and Healing (2000)

    Himalayan Institute 200 hr certification (1995)

    Master of Teaching 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (2015)

     In all my classes the students learn to weave the feelings and images of the life force in the body in order to develop a unity of body, mind and breath (spirit).  This unity experience happens in strengthening-, balancing-, and flexibility-producing postures. Students become strong, flexible and balanced as they study themselves in a centering and inward focusing class.  The class ends with deep relaxation and movement towards meditation.

  • Ken's Pic.JPG

    Ken Moncrief - Yoga instructor

    Himalayan Institute 200 hr certification (2014)

    Trained in Hatha yoga, my classes are focused on diaphragmatic breathing and increasing flexibility. Students enjoy simplicity of Hatha postures, paying attention to precision in activity which results in precision in the mind.

  • randy.png

    Randy Nellessen - Yoga Instructor

    Himalayan Institute 200 hr certification (2010) 500 hr certification (2012) Master of 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate (2015)

    I am trained in a classic "Hatha Yoga" tradition, but I do dabble in "Iyengar" and "Ashtanga"practices.
    My classes tend to be on the gentle side and Taught with compassion. My personal philosophy could be summed up this way, "The more I teach, the more I learn. I will forever be a student."



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