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Synergy Foundations Virtual Program

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Begin the work within by sowing the seeds of synergy between the mind's powerful processor, the heart's pure knowing and the body's wisdom of the past and present

Program Offerings:


Getting to know your own mind

  • Understanding your comfort zone

  • Thoughts and words - energy of our unconscious living

  • Hidden rules guiding your life choices

  • Feeling into your Values

  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Building a new relationship with your body

  • Compassionate self massage

  • Connecting to your own energy systems

  • Self-guided body scans 

  • The power of beginner asanas

  • Trusting your Intuitive Movement

Connecting to your Intuition

  • How does your intuition come through in your life

  • Stillness and calm in the storm

  • Surrendering

Bringing it all together

  • Creating sacred space

  • Expand your perception/awareness of the "edges"

  • Sow and nurture seeds of synergy into your living

  • Bring peace to the internal battle and fall deeply in love with yourself

8 Week Intensive:

Online Modules - Lifetime access

Private Facebook Group

Live session via Zoom

Next Program Dates

February 28th - April 18th

Sundays 1-2:30pm

Investment: $800

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