Spiritual Direction


Marilyn Bever, CSA, a vowed member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes,

was Director of the Art of Spirituality /Companionship (Arizona Ecumenical Institute for Spiritual Directors) in Phoenix   2002 - 2013.  She received her formation as a spiritual director at the Hesychia school in Tucson and has a Masters degree in spirituality from Prescott College in conjunction with studies at the Interfaith Theological Seminary in Tucson.  


Spiritual direction/companioning is essentially a relationship between two persons with God as the center or focus.  The goal and purpose is spiritual growth and awareness.  There is a mutual agreement to be companions for a while on this spiritual journey with one being the seeker and the other a listener and guide.  Spiritual Direction is a sacred space in which religious experiences are named and explored, the relationship with God is discussed and experienced, and the presence and movement of the Divine is honored.  There is no one methodology for pursuing this relationship.


Marilyn  will be available for individual appointments at the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing beginning October 1, 2019.  For more information call 602-647-1253, or email  marilynbever@gmail.com.

Marilyn Bever, CSA

Spiritual direction/companioning
If you long for a more conscious awareness of God’s presence and love, are seeking to nurture your relationship with God, and are willing to commit time and effort to responding to God’s call in your life, you may find spiritual direction helpful.  As a contemplative woman, called to Christian discipleship, my mission is to provide sacred space for the emergence, nurturance, and affirmation of human souls (spiritual beings on the human journey).