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Beside Restful Waters

September 26, 2017

“She always made space to hear us.”




I heard this statement from the friend of a deceased mutual friend.  She was speaking during a Celebration of Life ceremony.  We gathered to share memories, pains and love surrounding the death of our dear friend.


This statement stopped me in my mind and soul.


She always made space to hear us.


What a beautiful place to exist.  She existed in a spacious mind, open and receptive to her surroundings of people, places and auras.


Do I make space for and with you?


Sometimes, I think I do.  Usually when in your presence, my mind is filling with fixes, commentaries and stories.  These options do not leave the fullness of space for all of you and us.


As I am writing, I am forming an intention:  I will make space in my mind and soul for you, for us, and for our sincere connection.  Now I will declare this intention to my Higher Power, my God, our God, our Divine place.  


This is it!  This observation is the result of prayer, meditation, and gratitude.  This is the evidence of why we live and love.  I love this.  


I love this.


We will share space.



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