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Kathy Bryant

Reiki Master Teacher (RMT)


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Tracy Grube

Reiki Master


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About Reiki


Reiki is an energy-based approach to health and healing.  It is not a massage, hypnosis, or a tool for diagnosing illness.    

Coined a "mental massage" by our RMT, Kathy Bryant, Reiki empowers individuals to activate their own energy systems for self-healing by restoring balance, harmony and wholeness.  Holistic in nature, it affects all dimensions of the human energy system - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

Used as a technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions, it gently and powerfully promotes balance among all the body's systems and the regenerative processes of body and mind.

    Reiki can be used to:

  • Facilitate wound healing

  • Decrease anxiety, tension, and stress

  • Prevent illness

  • Support for the dying process

  • Aid in preparation for and follow-up after medical treatment and procedure

  • Relieve pain and increases relaxation

  • Energize the energy fields

  • Enhancement of spiritual development

  • Compliment therapy for depression, ADD and other illnesses

  • Provide a self-help tool for all of the above and more!

What to E xpect:

While receiving Reiki you lie fully clothed on a massage table or sit in a chair while the practitioner uses a light touch on or just above your body to balance the body's energy fields and activates the body's power to heal itself.

Reiki does not replace conventional medicine, but compliments it.  All ages and states of health and illness can benefit from Reiki.