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We are God's Pencil!

by Michael Ketterhagen

“I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God

who is sending a love letter to the world.”

--Teresa of Calcutta

It seems as though Mother Teresa, or St Teresa of Calcutta, believes the same thing that yoga believes, namely that we are totally in the hands of the Divine Source of Life, The Divine Creator. Unlike modern Christianity, Yoga believes that all humans are one with the Divine Creator, even if they don’t know it. Yoga believes that we are never separated from God. Modern Christians also believe that truth when they are baptized.

In any case, what does this truth of our oneness with God/Divine Creator mean?

When we are aware of the presence of God in our lives, whether as a committed Christian or as a Sufi or as a Jewish Kabbalist or as a yogi or yogini, when we act, it is God who is acting.

When we act compassionately to another, God’s compassion is embracing that person.

When we love, it is God’s love that shines for all to see.

When we are kind, the recipient of that kindness is experiencing God’s kindness.

When we forgive others for any wrong that they say or do against us or against another person, God has forgiven that wrong-doer.

When we are patient with our children or our spouses or a cashier at the store, that person is receiving the patience of God.

When we do anything that God might do for another person or for the Earth, it is really God/The Divine who is acting through us.

What a wonderful role we have in this world!

We can make God’s peace, prosperity and love shout loudly and clearly during the din of violence and upheaval whenever we want. It is our choice.

We can write God’s love letter to the world or show the absence of God’s loving presence in the world by not doing anything.


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