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We are Connected at Our Roots.

by Michael Ketterhagen

Just like the 40,000 trees in the Pando Forest in Utah are genetically identical

because they share the same root system,

so are we as humans,

connected at the roots.

-Alonzo Kelly

Marian University’s Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Day Panelist

The world of Quantum Physics says that all life is connected at the energetic, molecular level.

Yoga’s Samkhya philosophy believes in “non-duality.” This belief is the foundation of the Yoga Sutras, which says that we are all one. We are one with the Divine Source of Life. We are one with all the other beings of consciousness in this world. We are one with all the spiritual forces of the universe.

Even biologists would say that all human beings come, with some very slight variation, with the same genetic code.

Nature (Prakriti), although visually there is a difference between plants and animals and all other creatures, gives us examples of this oneness. The Pando Forest of Utah, for example, is an Aspen tree stand that has 40,000 trees that are genetically identical. How is that so? They are sharing the same root system. Their roots, just like all other visible and invisible life, are one.

We must learn from this information. It is only our mind that makes us separate from each other, especially at this politically and economically challenging time.

Our job is to find the “root system” of other human beings and begin to see that we are one. The same Source of Life created all of us.

Now is the time to find someone from whom we feel separated. Spend time with that person to find your common root system.

May God be with us as we find our connecting roots!


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