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We are Called to Co-create with God.

by Michael Ketterhagen

“God has no other hands, feet, eyes, mind, or heart

than ours to continue God’s creating.

The Spirit of God is everywhere present and

filling all things, and

human beings have been called to co-create with God.”

--Rebecca Cown, Christian iconographer

We live in a time where we must act decisively. We must recreate ourselves positively and compassionately into agents of love and peace. We must let the Divine Source of Life, through our thoughts, words and actions, transform us into God’s image and likeness. We are called to permeate all our daily activities with the awareness that we are working with God in making ourselves and the world around us a better place for all life.

This is a challenging call. Yet, when Christianity was young in Palestine, Asia Minor and the Roman Empire before Constantine, and when the Desert Fathers and Mothers lived the caves of the Middle East as Christianity became a state religion, and later when the monks and nuns set up community living in the monasteries and convents of Western and Eastern Europe, the Spirit of God preserved the methods and the means to do that transforming work. The loving and nurturing Force of Life (God) kept alive, through dedicated Christian mystics and saints, the practices that were needed for us to continue our human co-creative work.

The ancient practices of the yogis and yoginis of the Himalayan Mountains and the current Himalayan Tradition have also preserved the practices we humans need in order to do God’s will, in order to conform ourselves to the divinity within, in order to become God’s/Ishvara’s image and likeness on Earth.

These spiritual practices include (in yogic terminology) prayers, mantras, pranayamas, purushcharanas, and meditation. In Christian terminology, these spiritual practices are called prayers, novenas, rosaries, meditation, contemplative prayer, and devotions. The masters in the Himalayan Tradition and the saints of the Christian Tradition have taught and are still teaching their students the techniques that help them set aside the trappings of their small egos. They taught their students the importance of the Breath of Life (Holy Spirit) and the lifestyle that was needed to release their bodies from the bonds of their animal instincts. They taught their students through breathing practices and mental exercises how to release the thinking mind from its power, pleasure and security longings and wanderings.

These spiritual teachers have taught many how to move and act as God wants humans to act…lovingly, compassionately, tenderly, kindly, yet firmly and non-violently challenging all that is evil and destructive.

All we need do is learn from these masters. All we need do is move away from our fears and decisively act for peace, justice, non-violence, truthfulness as we love ALL who enter our lives and include ALL in our loving prayers.

If you wish to learn some of those important practices, please let us know, as The Center has a team that can be of great service to you during your journey towards health and The Divine!


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