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The Nurturing Mother of us all!

by Michael Ketterhagen

We owe our life to our Mother! We owe our life to our Father!

We owe our physical life to our physical mother and father. But as yoga says, we are Divine, Infinite and Perfects beings at our core. Our core Self is the architect of our mental and physical structure. We honor that core Self, that creator of our essence, every time we honor Nature, the Divine Mother and all of her creations.

We spend a lot of time honoring the physical world and our physical bodies therefore it is quite appropriate for us to spend high quality time honoring our physical mother.

But if we look around, we can see that our physical mothers don’t get enough praise, respect, love and care. We often take our physical mothers for granted, just like we take our spiritual mother or even our Earthly mother (Mother Nature—Jatavedas) as “something” always there when we are in need. We can see this non-caring attitude in the way we treat the earth by scarring the land for fossil fuels, or in the way the United States treats mothers at our southern border, or the way we treat the mothers of the refugee children of the world, or mothers of the kidnapped high school students in Africa and Central America, or the way our single mothers of color are treated in our U.S. central cities.

We will be honoring our own mothers, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year when we commit ourselves daily to honor every nurturing person, every woman who has the potential to nurture and bring forth life, with the utmost respect by extending our honor to all that nurtures life—the physical and the non-physical. Every time we honor Mother Earth we are, by extension, honoring the source of our physical life. Every time we honor the Earth we are, by extension, honoring the creator of the environment that gives us life—our God.

As many are beginning to say, “What we do to our Planet Earth, we are doing to ourselves—and to our mothers.” Let’s honor all that nurtures life.


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