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The Future of Hope

The future does have a name… And its name is hope.

--Pope Francis.

Happy New Year to you all!

The future, a new decade begins stretching out in front of us. There's always a lot of hope in the future for some people. That hope for a good future depends much on one’s faith. For people with much faith the future is very hopeful. They have lots of faith in the potential blessings which would come from the Divine Source of Life.

Faith depends a lot on one’s experience. When we have faith something will happen and it does happen, it strengthens our faith. But when we hope and hope and our deep desire is not answered, we tend to lose our faith.

The dynamics of our faith and our hope are housed in our minds, according to Yoga. When we hope for something strongly and our hope is not answered, our faith tends to decrease because our experience has taught us that it is useless to hope, at least for that time. If our hope gets dashed continuously or often, then our faith suffers great harm. We tend to stop hoping because we believe that it would do no good anyway.

Hope is essential for our joy and happiness especially as this "crazy" future that starts to unfold in 2020. We need to develop our faith in the fact that we are not alone and that we are part of a plan and a reason for the world the way it is and the way the world can be.

Yoga gives us a way to develop our faith. When we feel the breath passing in the nostrils through the corners of our eyes and the eyebrow center to the center of our forehead, we have an opportunity to strengthen our faith.

We have an opportunity to experience that we are not alone. At those special points in our nostrils and forehead the mind experiences the life force of prana. This experience of prana, “The Life Force of the Divine,” brings a sense of sweetness to our awareness. It’s almost like a honey pot. That sweetness helps the mind to remember that it is not alone.

Remember, it is the mind that holds all our hopes, our faith and experiences. It is the mind that needs to be reassured that there is a reality that truly loves and protects us and that our hope is not useless.

So all we need to do to prepare for this new decade is to spend some time alone with the life force of our breath moving across the corners of our eyes, through the bridge of our nose to the center of the forehead until we feel and know that we are not alone.

Happy faith building! Happy hope building! Happy breathing!


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