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So how do we find Truth and God at the Same time?

By Michael Ketterhagen

By looking inside, we will find all that we as seekers have been looking for—happiness, knowledge, courage, fearlessness, great material and spiritual prosperity. All these wonderful human goals are stored inside of ourselves. We have all that we need to access them already. We just need to develop our ability to see them within ourselves and then to nurture and bring them to maturity.

Each religious tradition has a number of practices that can allow them to bloom into wonder and beauty. The deepest Truth about ourselves and the overwhelming Presence of the Divine are within us waiting to be tapped, waiting to be opened.

All the main religious and spiritual traditions believe that we must put in some effort to go meditatively inside—either through prayer, contemplation, meditation, or reflection to arrest our rational mind from its wandering and outward sensing nature. We need to find what God has in store for us by going deeply inside.

These moments of stillness if practiced regularly will give the searching, roaming mind a reason to be at peace with our inner joy, our solid understanding of life, and our true spiritual nature. We often have the tendency to let the rational processes of our mind bring us to conclusions about ourselves and others that are not true. We base our opinions of others or our conclusions on our past experiences which may no longer be valid. When we do this, everything that we observe about ourselves or about another tends to justify our original opinions.

There is a method in the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Christian, Taoist mystical traditions and in the Yoga Tradition that is referred to by different names that will obstruct those old patterns and enable us to experience Truth and God at the same time. In Buddhism, it is known as the experience of the Lotus of the Heart. In Christianity, it is called the Cave of the Heart. In the other traditions, there also is a mantra that is used to bring one’s awareness to the Source of Life within.

The Yoga Tradition teaches this method as Vishoka Meditation. We also teach it at The Center.

May your heart burn for the knowledge of Truth and God.

I bow to the Divinity within you!

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