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Simple breathing is Healing!

by Michael Ketterhagen

I was lying in bed the other morning with a fever and achiness all over me. My inner voice kept saying you’ve got to relax, so I focused on my diaphragmatic breathing. I knew that a homeopathic remedy would help reduce my fever, so I took it.

But I couldn’t relax in the corpse pose on my bed underneath the covers. I started to get an intense ache in my abdomen and near my heart. Even though I was using all the advanced methods of relaxation that I knew, I couldn’t get relaxed. I noticed, too, that my breathing was quite hesitant and stodgy. It was not healthy breathing—not smooth, continuous, even, deep and quiet. I found myself also filled with anxiety, as I did everything I knew to bring my breathing to an effortless and seamless diaphragmatic flow.

Nothing was working.

Then my inner voice, my divine essence, said, “Turn over and lie in crocodile.” I argued with my inner voice for a while thinking that I didn’t want to get out of bed, out from under the covers. I thought that the bed was too soft and it wouldn’t be very effective because crocodile really needs a firm grounding in the abdominal region, so the diaphragmatic flow of the abdomen establishes the smooth, continuous, even, deep and quiet flow. But after getting yelled at by my inner voice, I decided to move into crocodile on the bed under the covers.

I focused my mind on the feel of the abdomen pushing into and retreating from the mattress. It was miraculous. With just a few breaths, my anxiety left. I was able to establish a seamless flow of breath without even trying. I felt instantly relaxed. The spasmatic breathing pattern left me and I immediately felt relieved of all the pains I had felt before. I felt like I was in heaven.

I now realize that the simplest method of relaxation was the best. The words, “Simple breathing is healing,” rang through my mind. I was again a believer in the simple yoga posture of crocodile.

Thank you, my inner voice!

I pray to the divinity within you!

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