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Reiki & Healing Touch: Bringing the Energy Fragments Together

By Michael Ketterhagen, PhD

Continuing my discussion about healing, which I defined as “making whole,” I want to talk about Reiki and Healing Touch, energy-healing modalities offered at the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing. Both are becoming more and more popular and significant in the holistic health world.

Reiki and Healing Touch operate in the energy dimension of the human body. Yoga calls this dimension the “pranamaya kosha.” “Pranamaya kosha” means the “sheath” (kosha) “consisting of” (maya) “energy” (prana).

What is this energy that yoga calls prana?

It is the life force that moves through our physical body allowing us to run our marathon. It is closely connected to our breath. Prana is like the “rider” on the “horse” of the breath. Our breath carries the prana into the body and separates from the breath at the bridge of the nose, sending the air to the lungs and the prana to wherever it is needed in the body. The brain and the spinal column which is the channel for the body’s energy centers, called “chakras,” is the main recipient of this life force.

These energy centers are directly affected by our emotions. Negative emotions block the flow of the life force. When this happens, the body is not able to function properly and often leads to illness or pain in the body. Illness and pain are a fragmentation of our energy system.

Healing Touch and Reiki are medical modalities that can free up those energy blockages by connecting the different chakras. Because those chakras “feed” different organs in our bodies, the body is brought into wholeness, into healing, when these centers are unblocked and connected to each other.

When all these chakras are connected and spinning properly, a person will experience health or healing. The energy system is flowing freely and openly making the body whole. Then healing, the experience of wholeness, felt in deep relaxation, occurs.

Healing Touch and Reiki re-start the energy flow in the body so that the fragments of our energy system can function as a “well-organized and whole vehicle” for prana, the Life-Force of the Divine.

Much like massage, Reiki and Healing Touch is a major “making whole” modality in our fragmented and broken world. I pray that at some time in your life you come to experience that wholeness, that flow of Life, during your first or your next Reiki or Healing Touch session.


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