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Other Holistic Health Services and PracticesDuring Covid-19 Time

**The Center has cancelled all group yoga classes and is making private sessions available at The Center until we are all through this crisis.**

During this period of uneasiness about the Covid-19 virus and its potential threat to The Center’s clients, staff and students, I want to personally encourage you to eliminate as much stress in your life as you can.

As valuable participants in The Center, I want you to know some important practices that would strengthen your immune system and act as preventative practices during this active virus time:

First, the practice of specific yoga practices will greatly help your immune system deal with many of the colds and viruses that are around us now.  These practices have very specific benefits.  They strengthen the biome of intestines and activate our parasympathetic nervous system by toning the vagus nerve and allowing the “good” bacteria to become stronger.

If you do not know how to do any of these practices, feel free to ask any of The Center’s yoga teachers for a private session.  The Center has cancelled all group yoga classes and is making private sessions available at The Center for the next few weeks. 

As a disclaimer, all of the following suggestions are not to be considered medical advice, but information that you might find helpful at this time.   Many of these practices and supplements do have research supporting their use, yet are not to be considered cures or therapies for specific diseases.

The specific beneficial yogic practices are:

  •   Agni sara

  •   Pranayama practices of kapalabhati, bhastrika, and surya bheti

  •   Chanting OM for about 20 times once or twice a day

  •    Neti pot daily or in the morning and evening

  •    Relaxation –especially, systematic relaxation and point-to-point relaxation

  •    Daily meditation

  •    The Club Sandwich

The Center team is planning to live stream some of these yogic practices on The Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing’s Facebook page.  They will be up as soon as we are able to video them.

Secondly,  Ayurvedic is the medical sister of the Yoga Tradition and has many preventive practices.  These are available at the Center and by contacting our Ayurvedic Doctor, Stephanie Matulle. The following supplements are available at The Center.  Just call and we will set them aside for you.  I will also be available to explain how they work and why they are effective during this virus time.

               Elderberry syrup

               Kalmegh (andrographis is the Latin name)


Thirdly, other supplements and holistic health products that may be very effective at this time are:           

                Vitamin A

                Vitamin C

               Vitamin D-3

               Arsenicum Album – This is a homeopathic prevention remedy for viruses.  If you are interested in this and how to use it, feel

                   free to call me at The Center for that information.

              The Standard Process supplement called Congaplex.  It is an anti-viral supplement that is available through most chiropractors.

Finally, please feel free to call Michael at The Center (920-921-9404) and leave a message for service of any kind.

Or call The Center’s Ayurvedic doctor (Stephanie Matulle) through our website

The Center has many services that can help at this challenging time.


Michael Ketterhagen, PhD

Spiritual Director

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