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“No one is safe until everyone is safe!”

by Michael Ketterhagen

“No one is safe until everyone is safe!”

--World Health Organization, in response to the push for vaccinating.

We are all one! This is the principle of non-duality, the principle of oneness, the reality of all life. This is a principle, the guiding philosophical truth of the Tantric Sri Vidya Tradition.

Quantum Physics has determined this principle through its understanding of holograms. According to the hologram discovery, everything is in everything. Another way of saying this is: the microcosm is the macrocosm.

In other words, everything that is happening in the world is happening inside every cell of our bodies. All the turmoil of the planet is happening inside ourselves and the Divine Mother (through our immune system) is working to bring peace and joy to our lives. This movement towards non-stress and balance really means that the Divine Mother is working hard to balance things out in our personal lives, in all of the physical and mental dimensions of our personal reality. I believe that that is what is happening in my own body, as I am now working hard at balancing myself and cleaning up my blood, so that the cancer does not destroy my physical body.

Our Covid 19 experience is helping us understand quantum physics. We begin to experience reality on a subtle level and we begin to experience unity with all the people of the world. When they suffer, without even being conscious of this reality, we all suffer. When we all have a strong immune system, either through vaccination or proper nutrition and proper practice of masking and physical social distancing, we are strengthening the immune system of everyone else not just protecting ourselves.

There are spiritual lessons in every physical experience that we have and every restful, meditative practice brings us toward our inner Divine strength. Every restful moment and every meditation experience pushes us to re-establish the balance, joy and peace for which we all long. Spending 10-20 minutes a day, just doing a restful relaxation practice is all we need. Preparing ourselves physically and mentally for meditation will bring us closer and closer to our experience of unity with all life.

We will begin to “rest” in the non-duality of reality. (Here is where I would begin to sing a mantra, “the non-duality of reality,” and continue singing that until people smiled.)

So, I encourage all of us, to put our backs on the floor with a small pillow under our heads and watch our belly go up and down, noticing how smoothly, continuously, evenly, deeply and quietly our breath flows. Keeping this awareness, without falling asleep, will make us safer and therefore will make the entire planet safer. In those brief moments of calm and peace we will know our unity with all of reality (The Non-duality of Reality.”) We will learn that our effort to do the pre-meditation practices lead to a happier, fuller, more of a “vishoka” experience of reality. We will be transcending (vi) our distress (shoka).

As time moves forward, and my “resting” brings me more peace, I will share these practices for all of you to learn and experience.

When we experience that unity through “resting,” we are experiencing our unity with our truly divine nature.

Happy resting!


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