Meditation: God’s Gift to Humanity

by Michael Ketterhagen

"Silence is not empty, it's full of answers."

Meditation: God’s Gift to Humanity

Meditation originated from the Divine spark of life planted in each one of us. That desire for life, especially eternal life, has driven human beings to long for a number of things. Humans long for a life without anguish, a life of fulfillment, a long and healthy life, a life that is filled with grandeur and great knowledge.

This is the type of life that Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures call the life lived in Paradise. We all want this kind of life on Earth and this is the life that is guaranteed to these believers after physical death. All humans, even those who resign in themselves to not believe in the afterlife, want to live in joy and happiness with their Creator or their Creations.

Those wanting to live forever with their Creator, live a life preparing themselves for union with that Source of Life. They prepare themselves for “Heaven” by following the laws and rules of their particular religion or their religion’s spiritual practices. Those wanting to live forever in their “creations” work hard to establish a legacy for themselves, so that most people remember them forever.

Meditation is the method that was revealed to human beings so that all humans can experience and fulfill all of our human desires. Every mystical tradition of every world religion and spirituality provides their believers and practitioners with the one tool, meditation, that is needed to again live life in paradise. Every religious tradition has a particular method of meditation that came, originally, from the Source of Life.

Our task as humans is to find the method that works for us.

Yoga offers a detailed, systematic method of meditation that was revealed by “God.” For thousands of years, yoga saints and sages have taught this method to interested and devoted people who long for joy, happiness, meaning, purpose, longevity and who experience fear, anger, grief and remorse in their lives.

We teach this method at The Center. This meditation process relaxes the body, calms the breath, soothes the emotions, stills the mind so that the body, mind and breath can experience union with the Source of Life. We invite you to experience the simple method of yoga and meditation. We invite you to enjoy the gift God has given to us humans.


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