Making Constant Change Meaningful!

by Michael Ketterhagen

Change is the immutable reality of the universe!

--Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Change is always happening. There is nothing that we can do to stop it. If we try to, our efforts just lead to frustration and the stress may even trigger illness.

So, how do we deal with this phenomenon that is absolutely part of our physical existence? Does change have a purpose? Can we do anything to alter the direction of change? When is change just chaos? When can it be meaningful for myself, my family, the nation, or even the planet? Can we really transform the world and ourselves? Or are we victim to this never-ending reality of change?

Pandit Rajmani addresses the reality of Change in a four-part lecture series that uses the wisdom of yoga to help people understand what our relationship with change might be. He begins his discussion by explaining how this inevitable reality of change that is widely documented by Quantum Physics’ understanding of the physical movement of the entire physical world can be either chaotic or meaningful. Change can cause random chaos or it can lead to meaningful direction.

How can we make change meaningful? How can change relate to our purpose and meaning in life? As yoga would say, what is our “dharma” in light of this constant change happening in life? Panditji says that there is only one way to enable our purpose in life to become part of meaningful change. We need a restful mind. If our mind is filled with the chaos of change, then we will have a chaotic life, a life of wondering what our purpose is and wandering all over the place trying to find what we are supposed to do in life.

We are born for two reasons—a general one and a specific one. In general, all humans are born to be as fully human as possible. Also, we are called to fulfill that humanness in a very specific way, usually a specific occupation or vocation. When we fulfill those two reasons for our birth, we experience a life filled with meaning and joy, purpose and happiness. This dual aspect to life is our dharma.

We must have a restful mind in order to find that meaningful dharma. That means spending time learning to “master the roaming tendencies of the mind” and communing with our inner world. Contemplation and meditation will bring us to this restful mind.

A regular practice of meditation and contemplation, according to Panditji, is the only way to make this crazy world of change a meaningful world because it allows us to develop a restful mind.


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