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“Make the best use of your time here [on Earth].” -Swami Rama of the Himalayas

by Michael Ketterhagen

And what might that be?

According to Swami Rama, it means learning about the world created by Nature (the Divine Mother), not the one created by ourselves. He says that “the world created by ourselves keeps us in bondage.”

As human beings we are closely connected our animal colleagues on Earth and therefore, to the four primal fountains of knowledge—food, sleep, sex and self-preservation. These are all basic urges that we share, as humans, with the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom, instinct runs these urges. However, in the human kingdom, Nature gave us the mind to help us discriminate between the urges and learn to control them. That discrimination process will help us live happily in the self-created world.

So, knowing Nature means knowing our instinctual nature and the relationship between those animal urges and our spiritual desire of union with God (the Divine Mother). Knowing Nature means thoroughly examining our mental attitudes (conscious or unconscious) towards food, sleep, and sex. It means mastering those physiological desires so that we can truly live a long and happy life.

Mastering these urges frees us from our bondage to them. It means knowing the proper food for ourselves and freedom from our sensory taste cravings. It means knowing the difference between sleep and rest and learning how to sleep when needed. It means knowing one’s own sexual cycles and always involving ourselves in sexual activity in the company of love for self and the other. It means knowing what triggers our fear of losing our material/sensory/rational identity. We want to preserve that self-created part of us.

How do we as humans learn about our unique representation of nature? Through reflective self-study, contemplation of our relationship with our animal instincts, and to meditated on the divinity within ourselves, says the Yoga Sutras and Swami Rama.

If we don’t take time learning about ourselves, from the ground up, we will never understand the Grace that the Divine Mother pours all over us! Knowing our animal and human natures are the first steps in knowing our divine, sacred nature.

And if we don’t know the physical and mental foundation of our spiritual/divine nature, then we may end up wasting our brief time on Earth.


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