Love -- God’s First Creation

by Michael Ketterhagen

“The most ancient traveler in the universe is Love.”

--Swami Rama of the Himalayas

Love existed from the beginning. That’s what the big bang was all about. That’s what creation itself is all about. The Big Bang was an explosion of Love.

The scientific world’s understanding of the Big Bang theory, the Yoga Tradition’s belief in the benevolence of the Source of Life, and Christianity, Judaism, and Islam’s description of creation in the Book of Genesis agree with each other. Creation is the continued multiplication and growth of life through an act of love in the physical and non-physical worlds.

Even our own creation, when our father’s sperm and our mother’s egg joined each other, there was a burst of love that occurred. The sperm and the egg longed for each other, much like people falling in love long for union with the other. In that process, the experience of love doesn’t look so joyful at first. The egg and the sperm lose their identity and an entirely new identity begins for emerge. We are born out of the sacrifice of the existence of the egg and the sperm.

That is happening all throughout the universe. Electrons are racing around looking for other electrons with which to join. The hydrogen atom longs to be one with oxygen atoms, destroying themselves and becoming water. Love, that drive for union with another, that longing for community, was and is the most powerful force in the Universe.

Every one of us longs for union, communion, community, connection with another or others. The challenging thing about that longing is that we lose our identity. When Mary and I longed for union with each other, we each had to give up something of ourselves, we each became different persons in our union and of course we “created” unique fruit from that sacrificing of ourselves, some of which were our five children.

Love is always present in the universe and its presence is a painful presence to our individualistic egos. Even during this time of political separation there is a longing by many people, even those who don’t like our point of view, for the United States to actually become united. The challenge is not hanging onto our past identity, but sacrificing part of ourselves to create a new “United States.”

May we continue to follow the original traveler of the universe. May we continue to travel with Love, the first of God’s creation.


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