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How Do You Read the Signs of the Time?

by Michael Ketterhagen

What do all the “signs of the time” mean to you? In other words, what do all the political, economic, relationship, environmental, health, and societal events in today’s world mean to you? Do they mean the destruction for our current society, our lovely Earth? Do they mean the coming of a destructive war? Or do they mean the transition from unhelpful practices to a new wonderful time of societal and personal bliss? Will they introduce a time when the old violent, divisive, fear-filled ways of living transform into new peaceful, unitive, joy-filled ways of life.

If we are co-creators of our world, as Yoga believes, then what is our role in all the challenges we face? Yoga also says that the Divine Mother is always acting in the world. What does that mean when we witness the hatred that some people have for other people? Does that mean that the current way of acting and thinking is being punished by God, as many Christians are taught?

Or when the experience the new coronavirus ravages so many vulnerable people, is the Divine Mother just carrying through on the consequences of our systems which protect some and not others, as the Law of Karma states?

What does the Holy Spirit, as the Christians believe, have to do with the fires in Australia and the western United States or the burning of the Amazon rainforest? What role does the Divine Force of Life, which is one and considered loving and compassionate, as Yoga believes, have in the continued pollution of our environment by fossil fuel usage or the persistent plastic and chemical contamination of our drinking water?

Remember, we are co-creators of our world. And having faith in our union with God/Divine Mother is essential in understanding what is happening in today’s time.

Yoga believes that The Divine Mother is always allowing humans to freely do what they want. Christians believe that God, through Christ, sent the Holy Spirit, Christ’s Spirit, to renew the “face of the earth.” Both Yoga and Christianity believe that we are the human face and hands of God. We can act as God wants or as we want. In any case, God will allow the consequences of our actions, the fruits of our thoughts and words and deeds, to flourish and fulfill themselves.

All this turmoil in the planet today is really our doing and we can undo it, as Yoga and Christianity believe is supposed to happen. Yoga and Christianity believe that Life, not death and destruction, is our human destiny.

When we change our ways and make concrete choices to love, honor and cherish all of life, then the Compassionate Divine Mother or the Loving Spirit of Christ graces our world and its people. The challenge is really switching our actions and thoughts from ones that are self-centered and fearful to ones that are selfless and joyful.

All of our activities need to become directed toward the common good and not our individual desires/wishes. Like God/Divine Mother all humans want prosperity, joy and happiness.

Only deep, sustained spiritual practices, especially meditation, and the thoughts, words and actions that flow from what we learn in meditation, will help us move beyond the negative consequences of the challenges that are in front of us.

Do we have enough faith in ourselves and our species to make those changes? Do we have enough faith in our co-creative nature? I believe that deep inside we know that we do have the needed faith and hope and courage to act lovingly!


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