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Healing Means Making Whole

“…to offer programs and services to people of diverse faiths and backgrounds that support the continuous discovery of our oneness in the Source of Life,

and that nurture wholeness of body, mind and spirit.”

--Mission of the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing

For the past few years, in this blog I have focused on the “spirituality” dimension of The Center. For 2020, I would like to focus on the “healing” dimension of The Center’s work in the Fond du Lac area.

“To heal” means “to make whole.” Healing is the purpose of all the world’s religions and spiritual traditions. It means in the Kabbalist Jewish tradition “to bring together all the shards of light into one full light.” In Islam, healing means “surrendering one’s self to the will of the Transcendent God.” In Christianity, it means joining ourselves completely with God. In the yoga tradition, healing means bringing ourselves into union with the wholeness that is our core self.

In our western world, the word “healing” is often limited to physical or mental health. When we become physically and/or mentally healthy, we really experience spiritual health as well. This spiritual health experience is one of meaning and purpose, in the sense that “all is well.”

So, when we work on our physical health, we really are working on our wholeness. Our mind gets “better” and our “spirits” improve. That is holistic health. That is what we mean by healing here at The Center.

So, to that end, The Center has done and is planning a number of things that are focused on physical and mental healing during this next year. The Center will also focus on the “healing” of society.

The Center has secured the services of two new massage therapists and an Ayurvedic Doctor and second Ayurvedic practitioner . These professional holistic health practitioners will be providing important physical services that will help all of us pull the fragments of our lives into a oneness. Dr. Stephanie Matulle, an Ayurvedic Doctor, will begin her services on Saturday, January 18 . The massage therapists are already busy serving people. All of their work will help us become whole.

The Center is also concerned about making our Mother Earth whole. This coming Christian Lenten time of 40 days will focus on caring for Mother Earth by presenting incentives for us to learn about and practice actions that can begin to bring the fragmentation of our living planet into a wholeness. We are calling it Lenten Earth .

As yoga believes, when we heal ourselves, we heal the people around us. When we heal ourselves physically, we are healing ourselves mentally and spiritually.

Right now, it seems that Earthlings and Mother Earth need lots of physical healing. We need lots of movement toward wholeness.


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