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Every time we act, we are announcing God’s presence

by Michael Ketterhagen

Every time we do something, we are participating in the actions of God. Our every decision can be considered a “God-decision” or “God-action.” It is just a matter of realizing the nature of our lives and the reality of God’s presence in the concrete, physical world.

Every action we perform must include three components: an actor, the process of the action, and the receiver of the action or its consequence. These three “energies” are called “gunas,” in Sanskrit. They are the forces of all physical activity in reality, according to the Yoga Tradition.

For example, “love” does not exist unless there is first someone who is loving, and someone who is loved and the action/process of love itself. The same way with any verb or action word. There must be three realities present or three aspects of the that reality to be present.

Love is really one reality, but three different components or “expressions” of that reality. In the Greek language, the word “persona,” or “mask,” was chosen to image the dimensions/activities of God. So then, in the Christian Trinitarian understanding of God (Three persons in One God), God is the actor and presents “God’s self” as three “personas” (namely with three masks)—a creator (The Father), a creating process (The Holy Spirit) and a created (The Son). The God Reality on Earth cannot exist if one of those “personas” (“masks of God”) are not present.

In the context of our spiritual journey, every action includes these three realities in order for such an action to truly exist. All three masks of God are present in all of our lives.

As yoga says, we are one with the Divine Source of Life. Therefore, every time we act, we are participating in the Divine acts of God. All of our reality is a Triune Reality. We are all, in a sense, “doing God’s” acts.

When we are aware that the Source of life is constantly present and constantly acting, we become aware that that includes all of physical, mental and emotional things that we do. Our every action, thought, feeling can be traced back to our participation with God’s Creating/Sustaining/Changing power.

This is an easier way, I believe, to understanding how God can be “Three persons in One.” The Divine Reality is constantly manifesting itself through us and all the other “acts” of creation. (e.g. in planting a garden, there is the act of planting, the planting process itself, and the seed that is planted; then “grow” takes over—something starts the growth, the growth itself happens and something is grown.)

The Triune One God is always present.

So, we are constantly participating in the work of God. Those of us, consciously on the spiritual path, those interested in a relationship with God, will begin then to act as we believe the good God acts.

Those of us on the spiritual journey will want to act as God acts, thus participating in the creation of a “kingdom/reign/presence of God” even while on earth.

Wow! What a calling!

We are co-creating the Planet Earth. We could be making “Heaven on Earth.”


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