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"Every other act of self-discovery depends on how lay [the] foundation of humility.”

by Michael Ketterhagen

"Every other act of self-discovery depends on how lay [the] foundation of humility.”

--Caroline Myss, “Entering the Castle”

The journey to self-discovery; namely, the spiritual journey, depends upon a quality of personality that Caroline Mysss calls “humility.” In the modern world of spiritual growth and development the developer of personality is our “ego.” All of the mystics mention its importance. We are to control our ego and learn to be chastised or “put into our proper place.” This usually is the experience of humiliation.

Notice that here, Caroline Myss uses the word “humility” not humiliation” to help us understand and perfect this virtue, which she says is absolutely necessary for our involvement in the spiritual journey.

Oftentimes, we think of learning to be humble, learning to control our ego, by getting humiliated by someone because of something that we have or have not done, or an unsuccessful attempt to win at something.

Humility is just the opposite. Humility refers to being grounded in our journey towards God, connection with our soul and the purpose of our life on the planet. It means living in a way that is true to our real nature. Remember, we are spiritual beings with a mind and body.

The pursuit of humility is not the pursuit of putting ourselves down, especially for our mistakes. It means building our connection with our spiritual path. It means beginning to walk on the inner journey of life. It means spending time in silence, reflection, contemplation and meditation. All of these spiritual practices will get us grounded and teach us amazing humility because we will know our connection experientially with the Source of our Life, Our Divine Mother.


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