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Essential Nature of Essential Oils

By Michael Ketterhagen, PhD

Healing means “making whole” the whole person, the gross part of us and the subtle part of us. Essential oils, which are very popular today, are a connection between the gross part and the subtle part of the human being. Of course, the most subtle part of the human is our mind and its intuitive abilities.

As we all know, we humans have a physical body made up of bones, muscles, and organs. What we often forget is that those physical components of our body are activated by chemicals, in the form of enzymes, minerals, etc. These chemicals are actually energy patterns that have electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). These frequencies make things happen. As an example, in the outside world, we experience them all the time in the form of radio waves and cell phone signals.

Essential oils are products of the life forces that are found in the flowers or seeds of nature’s diverse life-forms. The life essence of these plants is teased from them and becomes an oil filled with particular life-giving frequencies. Some of these frequencies, considered active ingredients, are measurable and some are not. It is these non-measurable components of every living being that is the most powerful and that most clearly connects the body with the pranic life force of the Divine within.

This divine force, according to yoga, permeates all of God’s creation. This divine force, called prana, is never destroyed, yet can be blocked by our thoughts and intentions. It is this divine force, in all its diverse, measurable frequencies, that we experience when we use essential oils. We are actually experiencing the loving touch of the divine when we use the loving essences of flowers or plants. This loving touch liberates the blocked life force allowing the experience of wholeness to emerge. Bach’s flower remedies are one of the forms of these powerful healing agents.

These essences connect us with our essential essence as humans, our divine spirit. Their vibrational patterns move us closer and closer to wholeness, closer and closer to union with the divine spirit within.

May you have an opportunity, if you haven’t yet, to experience their “making whole” power.


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