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Beside Restful Waters

by Gregory Hermann

“Heaven, when will we hear you sing?”

Thomas Merton

Good morning.

How will I live today?

I must live a certain way. What is that 'way' this morning?

My first thought this morning was to get through my morning routine. Do the things: toothbrush, meds, toilet, ….....

Do the things.

One of my things this morning was time with Thomas Merton. Here are some of the insights he offered this morning:

When no one listens to the quiet trees,

When no one notices the sun in the pool,

When no one feels the first drop of rain,

When no one hears the bird sitting still,

When no one hears the growing corn,

Seize up my silence

Hold me in Thy hand.

I rested and lent silence to my breath.

I walked and bathed in the hot, humid Tennessee sun.

I rested and befriended the stillness of a pond.

I greeted one passing by, guided by her red and white cane, and shared her greeting.





Words – I'll let them go

And be.


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