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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“Until we know we are a beloved son or a beloved daughter or even just beloved, we don’t have anything to say. ……… we have no good news for the world.”

Richard Rohr.

This statement stopped me in my tracks.

Of course I have good news for the world!!!!!

As I set my ego aside, I began to reflect on the messages I received throughout life. My childhood church message was a declaration of “original sin”. That sin was my nature. Thus, I remember as a child thinking that heaven was a hopeless dream.

As I approached adulthood, there was a constant atmosphere of judgement and comparisons: get the best grade or I’ll never amount to anything (I did get an A once); get a good job or I’ll never amount to anything; I’ll never find a life partner unless I get a good job.

The emphasis was strong and consistent: be perfect and achieve or I won’t make it.


I am growing to love a message that is not loud enough or clear enough in my historical religious education. However, it is loud and clear in the evolution of my spiritual practices. The real “stuff” of life, love and purpose is not hidden anywhere in the deep recesses of a mysterious place. The essence of love, life and purpose is alive in relationship and connection.

Today, relationship and connection are a huge challenge for me. I am still unlearning my old self. I am unlearning the need to be better, be more, be first. I am practicing the stillness needed to simply ‘be’.

Be present.

Be with you.

Smell the coffee, and chocolate.

Feel the tears.

Hold my grandchild.

Cherish Ann’s laugh.

Know your presence.

Breath the fall air.

The list is endless. The task is simple: be with all of Creation and know God, Great Spirit, Allah, the One who is called by so many names, Who is present in all.

In the practice of this task, I hear your voice declaring our beloved nature.

Thank you.


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