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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“We probably don’t communicate with something unless we have already experienced its communications to us.”

Maryellen Baker

Richard Rohr

Richard Wagamese

Pat McCable

Margaret Behan

Don Coyhis


Well, these exact words did not come from all of these people, but I have heard the same intent of this statement from all of these people, and more.

I need to read this several times to allow it to move from my head to my heart.

We probably don’t communicate with ‘something unless we have already experienced its communications to us’

So? What is this ‘something’?

‘Something’ is in reference to every aspect of creation: trees, rocks, corn, water, trees, human beings…….. Do I listen if I have not been heard?

Do I listen if I have not been heard?

I’ll start with Ann, my bride of 50 years. Early in our relationship, I was so focused on making sure that she heard me that I rarely paid any attention to what she was saying to me. As I grew up with her, I began to notice that she was ‘really’ paying attention to me. That’s when ‘it’ happened. That is when I heard her. I sincerely listened to the heart of her statement. That was about 20 years ago.

Wow! She is an amazing woman!!!!

Yes, it took 20 years. Yet, today, we have another 30 years of growing intimacy in our communication. All 50 years have been needed for this miracle to continue.

Now, Mother Earth.

I have always been touched by Mother Earth, Mother Nature.

When I was 12, my dad took me partridge hunting. I was too amazed by the beauty of the flying birds to shoot. He just rested his hand on my shoulder and told me it was OK. (Fortunately, I did not have to supply food to our home by hunting and trapping.)

A few years back, I had finished mowing the lawn on a hot day. So, I lay down in the warm grass in front of our ‘brother’ tamarack. I’m not sure how long I was there. Ann yelled out for me as she didn’t know where I was. I sat up and told her I was just listening.

“What did you hear?” she asked.

“I’m not alone.” Was my response.

How did I hear that? How did I hear that?


Until I am willing to still my mind, my agenda, my control….. I will not ‘hear’ you.

I will not hear you.

I will not see you.

I will not feel you.

I will not know you.

Please pray that when we meet next, that my being is still. Otherwise, remind me to be still, and know you.


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