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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“Mother Earth offers fearless generosity

and radical abundance.”

All of creation reflects the goodness of God, Higher Power, Divine Source.

Fearless generosity: All of our needs as human beings are met from every aspect of our earth. Earth, wind, fire, and water generously provide our needs and more. There is no discrimination by Mother Earth as these gifts are offered daily. The sun does not stop ‘rising and shining’ because of who we are, our level of performance, the depth of our love, or the intensity of our anger. The sun always rises. The wind always moves. The earth always supports our food sources. The energy of fire supports us all.

This is my growing image of God, Higher Power. I am always cared for, generously and abundantly.

If this is so, why poverty?

Why war?

Why greed?

Why suffering?

I would love to raise my hand and wave it fiercely to suggest an answer.

I know my own personal struggles with greed and the insecurity of not having enough, or not having what I want. I know my present place of love of life is the result of suffering and pain – a variety of life crises that have demanded my attention, agony, and ultimate growth. Crisis offers clarity, right?

In the midst of my personal struggles – wars if you will – pain was the result of my ownership of self-serving expectations. The healing of these pains was through the love of others who offered their scarred stories, their communal support, and their willingness to guide and support me on my journey.

Connection: healing is the result of connection/interconnection. Engaging in connection offers me the fearless generosity and radical abundance promised from every Divine Source I have come to know.

What does connection cost?

You will have to answer for yourself.


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