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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

No temporary failure, no matter how disgraceful or humiliating, should ever be used as an excuse for giving up the struggle.

No failure is ever really a failure unless we stop trying all together – indeed, it may be a blessing in disguise, a much needed lesson.”

How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali 1953

This sounds like the wisdom of the 12 steps, born of the agony of recovery. However, I am not surprised to know its roots are ancient.

Regardless of source or age, the message crosses all of the Spiritual philosophies I am familiar with. (Very limited, I admit.)

We fall down, we get up. We fall down, we get up...................

Why do I resort to my falls as failures?

Why do I use my falls as reason to give up?

Today, I can say that I find these hopeless solutions when I stay within myself, when I isolate and entertain a pity party, alone. I can’t get away with a pity party when I am around you. Healthy relationships just do not tolerate self-pity. Believe me as I have tried often. (Just ask my wife!)

For me, this is a message born of stillness. The more time I spend in stillness, the louder, stronger, and deeper your presence becomes.

The more time I spend in stillness, the greater the blessing of the lesson of my errors and mistakes.

This is a puzzling reality for me as my original thoughts about stillness led me to believe that stillness was emptiness. Not so! I cannot fully explain the experience; I can only share with you that the effort to reach a place of stillness is worth the work. It is worth the discipline.

Then there is the puzzle of the results of stillness. It seems like the deeper I experience a sense of stillness within myself, the greater grows my awareness of how we are all part of a larger and growing awareness of healing, healthy, joy filled reality. Does that make sense to you? I struggle with it, but I am growing to appreciate and marvel in the miracle of US.

As I express this mystery of my life, I am realizing I am giving you permission to continue to exercise your courage and wisdom to keep me from entering into my pity party. Please take your gifts seriously as we sincerely need each other. We are the source of healing in this world of division, individuality, and self-promotion.

Whew! What a relief to know there is an answer – we are the answer.

We are the source of healing for our nation, one failed pity party at a time.

We continue to celebrate, beside the restful waters, at your favorite mountain top, or where ever our safe space is located.

In gratitude,


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