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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“We live because everything else does.”

Richard Wagamese: EMBERS – One Ojibway’s Meditations

We are all related.

This is a growing, deepening, evolving fact that is permeating my soul.

Silence does this.

Silence connects.

Silence touches me to you and all of creation.

Lately, I am enjoying rain. Mother Earth is cleansing herself. This is necessary. I paddle the Fond du Lac River and garbage is everywhere. I walk through our parks and our neighborhoods and pick up garbage. Our lakes and oceans have islands of plastic. Our beaches are littered.

I am touched, moved, saddened yet encouraged.

Touched by my grand children as they notice garbage. “Gramps, why do people do this?” I am at a loss for words.

I am moved by the compassion of Mother Earth. Grandfather Sun continues to rise and shines light and life to all, unconditionally. Grandmother moon continues to light our night with grace. I know they are encouraging us to thrive in their love.

Saddened? We seem disconnected – from each other, Mother Earth, the wind, fire, water – yet we are totally dependent on each doing their work to balance.

Encouraged – there is growing awareness of our need to protect our air, water, earth, and fires. Water protectors are gathering, walking, speaking, and acting to keep us all healthy. Corporate powers seem overwhelming.

Take a breath, a drink, a walk, a minute by the campfire.

We are the hope,

one at a time,

connected to all,

willing to be silent

long enough to be moved

long enough to be connected

long enough to be loved

long enough to love.


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