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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“… my list of loving behaviors

- Nurturing health and well-being

- Protection from harm

- Encouraging individual growth and development

- Desire to be together

- Generous sharing of resources

- Working together for a common goal

- Celebration of shared values

- Interdependence

- Sacrifice by one for the other

- Creation of beauty”

Robin Wall Kimmerer: Braiding Sweetgrass

Dr. Kimmerer is sharing this list with a class of her botany students. She poses this question to her students:

“What do you suppose would happen if people believed the crazy notion that the earth loved them back?”

“One student summed it up: ‘You wouldn’t harm what gives you love.’”

I wouldn’t harm one who gives me love.

I am going through another change in my personal love journey. My eyes have become much more ….. I am not sure how to put it in to words. I am growing intensely more connected to – aware of – in love with the beauty and nature of Mother Earth as my lover. I am moved by this transformation.

I am moved to pain, frustration, and hostility toward a world who seeks to destroy my lover, my Mother Earth, our Mother Earth. The challenge is to peacefully engage these emotions so I can put them to into a lifestyle that brings us together toward a more common ground, to a more loving relationship with our lover.

Imagine a person who recognizes the lover in our Mother Earth.

Imagine a society who recognizes the lover in our Mother Earth.

Imagine we are those people.

Imagine we are creating this society.


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