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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“Now is the time of awakening, where we become aware of our fundamental relationship with one another and most important, of our existence in this world.”

Grandmother Mona Polacca

GRANDMOTHERS WISDOM: Reverence for All Creation

It seems like every day is a call to awaken.

We have been called since Creation to awaken, to welcome the new day, to be mindful of our relationships.

Over the past seven weeks, we have offered a homecoming to a variety of personal gifts. These gifts have been moments of mindfulness to life and some of its simple and often overlooked subtleties.

Grandmother Polacca shares another reminder.

Today, though, I would like to focus on grandmothers.

The Ojibway expression of “old woman” is mindimooyenh”.

This is a reverence for one who holds us all together. The elders, especially grandmothers, have accepted the responsibility to hold us together.

Recently I was given a gift, a book: Grandmothers Wisdom – Reverence for All Creation. Within the pages are the insights of thirteen grandmothers from around our world. Indigenous people have always recognized our need for being mindful of our sacred relationships. Over the 13 weeks to come, I will share wisdom from 13 corners of our world with an opportunity to strengthen that which holds us all together.



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