Beside Restful Waters

by Gregory Hermann

- The third homecoming is community. Begin by reflecting about the

communities, groups, and spaces where you experience love or the feelings of being happy… Where do you feel safe to love? Where are you being loved? Say welcome to your communities. Relax. Inhale. Exhale and come home to being held by your communities.

Richard Wagamese

Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditation

“Say welcome to your communities.”

I don’t have enough paper to greet all of my communities. The relationships that have contributed to my being – these are beyond recollection as they are not limited to those I can actually remember. There are generations before me that have created the space I now occupy. These generations have contributed to the sacred earth to sustain me; to the air, clean as it is or isn’t; to the fires that warm my heart, mind and soul; to the waters that cleanse and sustain.

“Where do I feel safe to love?”

There are so many physical spaces where I feel safe. They are safe because we have been there. They are safe because we have suffered there. We have shared our pains and joys. We have been healing in these spaces. So, where-ever you and I have cried, laughed, joked and challenged – these are my safe spaces.

Welcome to the places we have shared.

Welcome to places our ancestors have created.

Welcome to places we are creating for those to follow us.



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