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Beside Restful Waters

by Gregory Hermann

I want to listen deeply enough that I hear everything and nothing at the same time and am made more by the enduring quality of my silence.

I want to question deeply enough that I am made more not by the answers so much as my desire to continue asking questions.

I want to speak deeply enough that I am made more by the articulation of my truth shifting into the day’s shape.

In this way, pondering and sharing become my connection to the oneness of life, and there is no longer any part of me in exile.

Richard Wagamese: Embers, One Ojibway’s Meditations

It appears that there is enough food for thought here to digest over the next several weeks. Given that thought, I will begin with Richard’s final comments:

and there is no longer any part of me in exile.

My monkey mind often holds me in exile, alone and apart from a sense of life. I find this an embarrassing statement to admit given my frequent comments on my connections to you and to all of creation. Yet, this is truth. When my ego is not being fed, I easily sink into a sense of disconnect and loneliness.

I have been in this mind battle very recently as my routine has been interrupted. Oops! I must restate that: I have let certain circumstance change my routine. During one of the low times about two weeks ago, I was reminded of the need for intentional practice of the routine mechanics of meditation.

This is another embarrassing admission for me as I have often shared about my need for sticking to the basics of life. The basics of life is the practice of life. It sounds like this:

Practice saying thank you until I become grateful.

Practice acts of love until I become loving.

Practice acts of forgiveness until I become forgiving.

Practice connections with you and Creation until I AM connected.

I have offered myself a new acronym: APP. Yup, it’s my new APP!

Acceptance: This is where I am. Accept what I cannot change.

Patience: Progress, not perfection. Progress, not perfection…………

Practice: Life is an experiment. So, experiment to learn progress. BUT, practice, practice, practice so I will continue to become.

The practice of connection keeps me connected, alive, flourishing, growing and suffering……. And healing.

Thank you for your patience with me.


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