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Beside Restful Waters

by Gregory Hermann

“Take a look at who and what you are tied to. What are they teaching you?”

Paco Fralik

How many times have you heard or said, “I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.”

During a recent experience with my friend Paco, we took an imaginary journey up a mountain. When we reached our destination, looked back on the path we had climbed. We spent time looking at the people and life experiences on the path behind us. As we reviewed these, we took note of how we were tied to them. Some of the people and experiences energized our steps. Some pushed us or directed us. Others, however, seemed to be pulling us back, stopping us in our tracks, or blinding our view of the destination.

Most of the discussions in this blog relate to the people who have been encouraging us, walking beside us, and contributing to the beauty of our journeys. This vision of this path also gave me pause to search deep within. I found a weight that was tying me, holding me, smothering me. As I write, I do not have a clear vision of the tie that is holding me. I know I am clouded with anger.

Obviously, I have some soul searching ahead of me because I need to know what I am being taught. Today, right now, I offer an intention to my Higher Power, our God, to open my soul’s eyes to more clearly see. I will place fear at the feet of the benevolent and kind One who offers only grace and peace. I will listen with my whole being to you and to all of Creation. I know I will see the experience, person or events that are holding me in anger. This answer will result in healing, for me and for us all.

Thank you for our journey.

Thank you for the fearless search.


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