Beside Restful Waters

by Gregory Hermann

“Prayer should be as simple as breathing.”

Thomas Merton

How did you learn to pray? I learned by:

Folding my hands.

Bowing my head.


Using a prayer book.

Using beads.

Memorizing the ‘prayers’ of my church.

Pray in church.

Pray at certain times.

I felt pressured to say the correct words. These words were someone else’s words, but I would say them correctly.

How did I get to know my wife?

We talked on the phone.

We walked, a lot, and still do.

We worked on volunteer activities together.

We did fun things on our dates.

We talked about our dreams

We taught each other about how to show respect.

We did a lot of boring stuff together – dishes, cleaning, diapers…..

We went on special dates.

We learned that love was in our actions toward, with and for each other and ourselves. We caused each other pain. We asked each other for forgiveness. Then we practiced forgiving and accepting forgiveness. We practice being in love and being loved. We practice the knowledge that we are loveable. We are silent together. We laugh a lot. We ache a lot. We share sorrows a lot. We laugh a lot. We say please and thank you a lot.

Love should be as simple as breathing.

Love is our prayer.

It is work.

It is play.

It is sorrow.

It is pain.

It is humble.

It is respect.

It is honesty.

It is courageous.

It is wise.

It is truth.

It is honest.

Love is life.

Love is breath.

Love is natural.

Love is simple.

Love is as simple as breathing.

Prayer is love is breath.


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