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Beside Restful Waters

by Gregory Hermann

"Witness and observe."

What is the proper way to live?

How do I show respect, to my wife, to you, to Creation?

These questions have come from persistent voices ever since I have been hearing voices. They come in a variety of forms but the basics are the same. Religious education and spiritual experiences offer volumes on a proper way to live.

Navaho author and speaker Pat McCabe calls for 'making space for the feminine voice'. This call has deepened the persistence of the voices which grab my attention lately.


Making space?

When I am with Mother Earth - walking on a trail or in the water, enjoying rain in my face or wind pushing me - I find myself simply observing, witnessing the experience. This gives me pause to allow rain and wind to be who they are rather than wishing for sun instead of rain, or calm instead of wind. I have begun to notice this practice with people. My mind is beginning to still while allowing the grand children to be wild and crazy. With a still mind I can hear the wisdom of an apposing opinion. I can sense the pain in your voice or the joy in your tears.

This is a difficult task for me, one that requires my sincere intent and connection to Spirit and the practice of stillness. This is not easy as I have spent my entire life trying to mold and fix others from my busy mind. I am recognizing my addiction to my way of thinking.

I'll keep this short today, with a simple prayer for stillness as an opportunity to observe and witness you, in this moment, so that our moment will be the best ever.


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